Asim Ali
React | MERN | WEB3 Developer

Asim Ali

I’m a web developer specialized in developing consumer-focused websites using React, Redux, Firebase and MongoDB. I love travelling, photography & music.

  • Front-end React, Vue, PWA, Typescript
  • Back-end Nextjs, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
  • Infrastructure NGINX, AWS, Docker, Azure

About Me

Years of

My name is Asim Ali. I started making websites for fun long before I considered it for a career. I'm excited that I get to do this every day. My favorite thing is working closely with designers and UX specialists to make user interface dreams a reality.

I have a passion for web technologies and I am currently using my skills as Lead front end developer at Upwork creating apps for my clients.

I'm a full-stack web developer with extensive experience in front end development. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive design and code.

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My Resume

Asim Ali is a Frontend Engineer with a passion for web3 and serverless. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and a solid understanding of software engineering. Additional to his technical knowledge he has a background in design and has worked with multiple design and prototyping tools. He beleives that building a great website is more than just knowing how to make things look pretty or writing clever code. He listens to his client needs, ensuring they get a product they'll be happy with.

Web Scraping
Docker Products
Web Development

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E-Commerce Site

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Web Design

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SEO Consulting

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2017 - 2021
Bachelor in Computer Science
Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
2021 - FCCU
Best Final Year Project class of 2021

My final year project was selected as the best project of that year and Our FYP poster was on display for the rest of year as an inspiration of juniors.

2021 - FCCU
University RFID Security Vulnerability

I found a critical security flaw in my university's RFID cards that exploited identity theft.

2019 - Present
Upwork - Freelance
Web Developer

Working with Next.js, Redux.js, Firebase, web3.js, MySQL, Docker Products, Databases, PHP, Django, Heroku

2017 - Present
Fiverr - Freelance
Data Scrapping & Automation

Working with Scrapy Framework, Flask, Selenium Testing, Data Cleaning, Scrapy Cloud, Zyte, Data Parsing, CI/CD, Github

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Cantonment, Lahore, Punjab, PK